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The Brand

Founded in 2019, UpWest is a purpose-driven lifestyle brand offering apparel, sleep, wellness and home goods for mindful men and women. They strive to bring comfort to customers daily lives through content, commerce, and community.

Through their Comfort for Good initiative, UpWest aims to positively impact people and planet with the choices they make in giving back to those in need and in sustainability efforts.

Upwest Models

UpWest's focus on exceptional customer experiences led them to seek an elevated sizing experience beyond size charts that incorporated shoppers' unique fit preferences.

Shoppers, facing sizing confusion often abandoned carts or purchased items that didn't fit resulting in increased returns.

Proven Results

+411 %
Revenue Per Visitor Increase
-14 %
Return Reduction

After implementing Bold Metrics' body data platform - UpWest immediately saw increased adoption rates — 83% of shoppers who clicked "Find My Size" completed the survey — and were more likely to become repeat visitors. The brand's RPV rate jumped 411% due to the enhanced size confidence in online shoppers.

Additionally, UpWest drove higher average order values, seeing an increase of $16.73 for shoppers that used Bold Metrics' Smart Size Chart solution.

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