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The Brand

Pact's mission is to build Earth’s Favorite Clothing Company. By prioritizing sustainable materials, manufacturing, and supply chain practices, Pact has become a leading sustainability-focused apparel brand.

If you don't nail fit, or at least tell them exactly what it's going to be and they can buy accordingly, then you're not going to retain customers. You're going to pay to acquire them, they're going to return the products, and they're never going to come back.”
Drew Cook, CFO and Head of Operations, Pact
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Pact aims to increase customer confidence in selecting the right fit to offer a more personalized shopping experience, increase their conversion, and see a significant decrease in returns due to sizing uncertainty.

Pact had considered using and evaluated sizing solutions in the past, but were hesitant to add another step to the purchasing process. 

Proven Results

+120 %
Conversion Lift
+33 %
AOV Increase
-21 %
Return Rate Decrease

Pact implemented Bold Metrics' Smart Size Chart in May 2023 and has seen very positive results.

"What really stood out about Bold Metrics was the simplicity of the questions," Cook shared. "It's four questions, it's things you know off the top of your head, and it's things that are easy and don't feel too personal to input. With doing those and getting an output for a suggested size, the tech integration of automatically selecting that size on your product page, and then the quick add to cart, it became something for us that we actually viewed as a conversion optimizer, not something that would stand in the way."

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Learn how shopper body data drives revenue and improves operations for Pact.

Key Highlights:

  • How brands can utilize customer sizing information and demographic preferences to their advantage
  • How sizing data can be used to optimize processes across an operation
  • How sizing data can boost a brand’s sustainability initiatives

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