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Investing in AI Sizing: How Shopper Body Data Drives Revenue and Improves Operations

The Impact of an AI Sizing Solution

Even if there was standardized sizing across fashion brands, finding clothes that fit perfectly would still be a constant frustration for consumers and their varied body types. Poor fit is also a main reason for retail’s billion-dollar returns problem, as 52% of apparel items are returned due to size/fit issues, contributing to tied-up inventory and cash flow, not to mention excess shipping emissions and waste.

What if brands could use AI to help their customers find their true sizes—incorporating fit preferences—without clunky measuring tools or privacy issues? What if that body data could then be funneled back to an AI-driven platform that could foster better design accuracy and even assortment planning? Well, the future is now.

Watch the webinar to learn:

The ROI of investing in an AI sizing solution
How brands can utilize customer sizing information and demographic preferences to their advantage
How Pact is benefiting from Bold Metrics’ Smart Size Chart  
How sizing data can be used to optimize processes across an operation
How sizing data can boost a brand’s sustainability initiatives

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Unlock the Power of AI Sizing Solutions for Your Brand

Bold Metrics sizing solutions leverage machine learning algorithms trained on over 70 million digital twins (and counting!) to match your shoppers to their best fit based on their unique body measurements.

We help brands generate and use consumer data to:

✔️ Boost conversion and AOV

✔️ Reduce returns

✔️ Enable data-led design

✔️ Optimize operations

✔️ Improve sustainability efforts

✔️ Personalize the retail experience

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