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Scuba is a dedicated resource for diving gear and info. The instructors at Scuba have logged downtime from the Galapagos to the Maldives, which enables them to provide divers with the best advice on the most appropriate equipment to enjoy scuba and snorkeling for any destination.

Having a perfectly fitting wetsuit can make the difference between a comfortable and an uncomfortable dive. Being uncomfortable, cold, or feeling restricted on a dive can take the joy out of an activity that you love so much. Now it couldn’t be easier to find the perfect wetsuit size ”
Charly Stringer, Digital Creator, Scuba.com
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Having a wetsuit that is too big can mean that too much cold water will enter the suit and will not keep divers warm for very long. Becoming cold underwater is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to hypothermia. Similarly, having a wetsuit that is too tight can be very uncomfortable when trying to move underwater. This can restrict circulation which can affect coordination and make divers tired quickly.

Due to the intricate sizing involved with wetsuits, Scuba had to elevate their sizing experience to provide shoppers with an accurate and exceptional fit experience while combatting the high rate of returns associated with online wetsuit purchases.

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Scuba.com has taken the guesswork out of shopping for wetsuits. Bold Metrics' Smart Size Chart uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the best fit based on simple shopper inputs like height, weight, age, and waist.

As wetsuit sizes vary by manufacturer and style, Bold Metrics simplifies the process by utilizing billions of data points to accurately determine the best size for shoppers across hundreds of styles from top brands—so shoppers can quickly dive into the water with their new wetsuit.

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