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The Brand

French Toast is dedicated to making the best possible schoolwear accessible to ALL kids and ALL families from ALL walks of life. Since 1985, French Toast has been trusted by thousands of schools nationwide as their uniform provider.

At French Toast, we strive to make the shopping experience as frictionless as possible for our families. After nearly two years of development, we are thrilled to offer this new service through innovative technology in partnership with an industry leader, Bold Metrics.”
Laura Kim, Senior Director of eCommerce & Merchandising, French Toast
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French Toast's biggest challenge was providing kids and their parents with the confidence and reassurance that purchasing school uniforms online would be a seamless, simple process with a result that would fit them well and give kids confidence as they went back to school. 

Proven Results

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Customized Experience

With the launch of "Find Your Fit", parents now have an easy, accurate, and fast way to find the best size for their kids' schoolwear.

Using a few simple inputs that include a kids' age, height, weight, and shoe size, the AI solution determines the best fit to provide a personalized size recommendation eliminating guesswork and simplify sizing when it comes to finding schoolwear online.

Unlock the Power of Body Data

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