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The Brand

Halfdays is a women's ski, snowboard, and cold weather activewear brand that offers a sustainable, limited edition collection. Their mission is to make the outdoors more approachable, inclusive, and fun.

We like getting outside. What we don’t: the pressure of “hard-core” outdoor culture, coupled with ill-fitting outdoor apparel for women. Founded by an Olympian and designed by the best – we're here to do things differently.”
halfdays skiing outside image

Halfdays set out to create a brand that doesn’t compromise fit, function, and style. Due to the intricate sizing involved with performance ski clothing, Halfdays had to elevate its sizing experience to provide shoppers with an accurate and exceptional fit experience to combat the high rate of returns associated with online ski purchases.

Proven Results

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Personalized Experience

With the launch of the Smart Size Chart, Hafldays' shoppers now have an easy, accurate, personalized, and fast way to find the best size.

Using a few simple inputs that include age, height, weight, and bra band/cup, the AI solution determines the best fit to provide a personalized size recommendation — improving shopper confidence and simplifying sizing when it comes to finding the best fit online.


Unlock the Power of Body Data

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