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How Burton is Personalizing their Online Shopping Experience

The Impact of an AI Sizing Solution

Join Bold Metrics' Vice President of Product Strategy & Partnerships, Jeff Mergy, and Burton's Senior Global eCommerce Strategist, Matthew Ames, as they discuss how AI sizing technology boosted AOV and ROI for the well-known snowboard and outdoor apparel company.

Matthew will share Burton's challenges around reducing fit-related returns and wanting to improve their online customer experience, and how he evaluated sizing solutions to find the best fit for the brand. They will also discuss how access to their customers' body data through Bold Metrics' digital twin technology will allow the brand to make better-informed decisions ahead of their peak fall and winter seasons.

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Unlock the Power of AI Sizing Solutions for Your Brand

Bold Metrics sizing solutions leverage machine learning algorithms trained on over 70 million digital twins (and counting!) to match your shoppers to their best fit based on their unique body measurements.

We help brands generate and use consumer data to:

✔️ Boost conversion and AOV

✔️ Reduce returns

✔️ Enable data-led design

✔️ Optimize operations

✔️ Improve sustainability efforts

✔️ Personalize the retail experience

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