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The Brand

Blue Delta Jeans is a custom pant maker based in the USA. Every pant is made one-of-one using your unique measurements, sewn by hand in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Blue Delta Jeans Co. and Bold Metrics launched a virtual fitting experience to help fit customers worldwide with a few simple customer inputs. 

With the implementation of the Bold Metrics Virtual Tailor, we are able to collect these same measurements from anyone, anywhere, anytime, and have full confidence that the product we make will fit.”
Josh West, Co-founder and CEO, Blue Delta Jeans Co.
mobile Virtual Tailor sizing solution UX by Bold Metrics with blue denim jeans

Traditionally, Blue Delta Jeans required 16 body measurements from every client to make a pair of bespoke jeans, and these measurements were taken in person using a measuring tape, creating a high-friction, timeconsuming process that limited scalability.

Proven Results

50 +
Unique Body Measurements
7 %
Net Return Rate

Leveraging the industry leader in AI digital twin technology, Blue Delta Jeans Co. can now create custom denim jeans for customers without the need for in-person measuring or a time-consuming fit process.

Customers answer a few easy questions and Bold Metrics' Virtual Tailor solution determines over 50 individual customer body measurements — powering an accurate, quick, and virtual process to get fit for custom jeans.

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