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The Brand

Jaanuu utilizes the fundamentals of science to inspire healthcare professionals to reach peak performance on their journey to greatness.

Jaanuu studied the human body to leverage physiological data points such as skin temperature, sweat, and mobility. Using data-informed metrics, Jaanuu's world-class design team engineered a product that is thoughtfully curated for the actual needs of the healthcare professional.

We went back to the basics to reimagine the ideal fit for every body type. That’s because we updated the foundational body blocks throughout our entire line to guarantee a consistent fit across every size.”
Size and Fit Guide, Jaanuu Website
Jaanuu blog post

Jaanuu wanted to elevate its customer experience around fit and sizing. Determining the right size is essential when shopping online for apparel. But when the product in question is medical scrubs, getting the right fit makes the difference between being able to perform your best in critical situations.

Proven Results

-18.9 %
Return Rate Reduction

Jaanuu has seen return rates decrease by 18.9% for fit-related returns while using Bold Metrics Virtual Sizer. With the inclusion of the 'What's My Size' tool, Jaanuu further emphasizes its' prioritization of fit and sizing to provide an unparalleled level of personalization, setting a new benchmark for customer satisfaction.

Unlock the Power of Body Data

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